Consumers are Loving their Smartphones!

The Lempert Report
April 21, 2015

Its time for supermarkets to cash in!

Consumers are increasingly using their smartphones to help on their shopping trips! In fact, according to a recent study called, “Retail Without Limits”, conducted by Redshift Research for Oracle and comprising 5,000 interviews about the shopping habits of consumers in 10 countries; Mobile is the fastest growing method of shopping globally, with most (67%) consumers now using smartphones to enhance their shopping experience. To put that number in context, only 26% did smartphone shopping last year.

The study, noted that more and more shoppers are using their mobile devices to help shop and also fulfil specific needs from retailers. For example, access to inventory, personalized in-store services and store apps that help them find products.

Other highlights from the study are, a quarter (25%) of consumers want store associates to recognize their shopping history and personalize interactions accordingly and 44% are more willing to make a purchase from a store assistant using mobile technology to check availability, product information or deliver choices. Almost a third (31%) of consumers said that right product, right place and the right time is most important to them in their shopping experience and the majority (51%) would be more loyal if that was done right.

With so many customers now armed with their smartphone, shoppers are aware of the growing benefits that can be gained from using technology to help shop. From inventory, to personalization or prices comparisons, the challenge is for retailers to make sure they are using this technology too

Retailers who successfully meet the expectations of the tech savvy shopper will find the rewards with customer loyalty.