Crypto Food Hall in the Metaverse

The Lempert Report
March 15, 2022

The Cordia Corporation just announced a crypto food hall in the metaverse that will host 1,000 chefs. Peter Klamka, CEO and the former owner of The Blind Pig restaurant in Las Vegas said in a statement that “The restaurant environment is as challenging today as it has ever been. Most independent restaurants are barely hanging on. A few new customers can literally make the difference between closing for good and surviving.

Our chef collection is a fantastic and inexpensive first step for restaurants to get exposure to NFTs and the growing cryptocurrency community.” He told Nation’s Restaurant News that  Cordia is selling 1,000 chef NFTs as entrance to the food hall. These NFTs are digital representations of chefs. There are 500 men and 500 women tokens available, each with a unique name, like Chef Tasty, Chef Yummy, Chef Nasty and Chef Delivered. The cost per chef will be 0.08 ETH (or Ethereum), which translates to roughly $200. Verified shareholders of Cordia Corp. will be able to purchase up to five chef NFTs in a presale at half price. The NFT chef holders will then be invited to cooking events virtually and in person, and receive airdrops of the next series of Crypto Food Hall NFTs and discount codes for virtual restaurants. Menu item NFTs are now on sale and in April there will be a public sale of food hall locations.

The Food Hall community connects on Discord and Telegram, as well as Instagram and of course, Facebook.