Delivering Food During Covid-19

The Lempert Report
July 15, 2020

WTOP TV News reports on what could be the ultimate form of social distancing, food delivery and humanity – using self-driving vehicles to deliver boxes of nutritious food and groceries to families in need.

Brookfield Properties a real estate developer in Washington DC worked with Optimus Ride to develop the program and is helping families in Southeast D.C. who are struggling with food insecurity during the coronavirus pandemic.

Over a few weeks, the program is expected to feed thousands of people with over 5,000 meals delivered direct to their homes.

The so-called “One-Week Boxes” that are being delivered provide three adult meals per day for seven days.

The food boxes were developed by two organizations: the Neighborhood Restaurant Group and the Arcadia Center for Sustainable Food and Agriculture.

The boxes contain fresh produce, proteins and grains, as well as products that are ready to eat, such as homemade chicken soup.

After the coronavirus pandemic passes, Brookfield Properties  who is developing The Yards, a multi-use development on the Southeast DC waterfront plans to use the Optimus Ride self-driving vehicles to transport people as well as packages and groceries.

A perfect opportunity and location for a supermarket.