Delivery Minimum Pay Rate UPDATE

The Lempert Report
June 13, 2023

Some late-breaking news that just happened yesterday. We reported about this story a few weeks ago how, in New York City, the 60,000 food delivery workers and their union were trying to make an increase. Currently, these people make on average, according to CNN, $7.09 an hour, But now the new pay rate will allow them to eventually earn at least $19.96 an hour. The pay will increase to $17.96 an hour this July 12th and then increase again to nearly $20 an hour in April 2025. This marks the first US city that is going to establish and implement pay requirements for delivery workers. I've got to tell you, I think, that this is going to be a huge story and it's going to affect all delivery, whether it be supermarket delivery or any other kind of food delivery in the nation. What do you think?

Sally: I think it's really wonderful that these workers are getting fair pay. I believe that everybody should be getting enough money to provide food and shelter for their families. I'm glad to see that these workers are getting that. There will probably be some controversy because companies are going to have to pay a little bit more. Customers might have to pay a little bit more. It might be added on, tacked on somehow to that tab when you order your food. We'll just have to see how this plays out.

Phil: Yeah, we're going to have to watch it carefully and see what the implications are, but what happened yesterday is going to be groundbreaking, no question about it.