Did You Watch The Oscars?

The Lempert Report
April 04, 2017

I was not impressed with the branding.

I know it was a month ago, but it still bugs me. The 89th Academy Awards was notable, not for the mistake at the end, but for the crass branding opportunity that took place a couple times during the show. The parachuting of candies and snacks to the audience. 

While I’m sure that many celebs enjoyed their treats since they are stuck in their auditorium seats for about 3 hours  – the companies who undoubtedly paid to have their products featured and brands named by host Jimmy Kimmel enjoyed the opportunity even more. 

I admire the ingenuity that someone on the sales team had to market this opportunity. After all it’s only the Oscar nominees who received the $25,000+ gift bag which contained Kiklos Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil and The Maccs gourmet macaroons. 

No doubt the idea was built on what Kimmel did last year when he hosted the Emmy Awards – he had peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, which he said was  made by his mom, passed out to the audience. That was funny, nice, and endearing. 

This was just a way to make even more money, and I bet for the millions watching at home, made them loathe just how much we are surrounded by branding even more.