Don’t Put Away Your iPhone Just Yet

The Lempert Report
March 29, 2016

Bon Appetit magazine's March issue features mostly all food photos that were shot with an iPhone6.

Last year’s critically acclaimed film Tangerine was shot entirely on an iPhone. Now Bon Appetit magazine has made it official - that taking food photos with an iPhone can be a work of art. Their March issue features mostly all food photos that were shot with an iPhone6. Yes it was done partially as an experiment, partially for great PR and according to the creative director partially as a joke - at least in the beginning. 

For years now, many restaurant patrons have been using their mobile devices to take photos to post on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter in order to show off their culinary good taste, and make their friends a bit jealous that their meal choices look a bit better than their own.

 Why hasn’t this food photo phenomenon translated to the supermarket aisles? Yes, there are plenty of apps to make shopping lists, compare prices, check nutritional info and even take surveys as we shop. But why not real food photos? 

Why not take food photos of the gorgeous produce items? Prepared foods? Creative bakery offerings? I’m not talking about shoppers. I’m talking about the supermarket staff. The managers. The Rds. The chefs. Why do we have to rely on those weekly circulars, that use many stock photos to celebrate the foods we sell. How difficult would it be for each department, each day to take a snap, add some copy that informs shoppers about a new item, or exotic produce or a winning cake decoration? We are constantly talking about how we need to build a stronger relationship with shoppers, what better way than through our foods and their stories?