What is Eatertainment?

The Lempert Report
December 02, 2022

Phil: Talking about increasing sales and sampling, you know, eatertainment is the new word. A couple years ago it was edutainment, to educate and entertain at the same time. Now it's eating and entertaining and there's a whole bunch of new concepts that Sally, you found. Let's start with what's going on in Florida first, and then we can go to other parts of the country because some of these are cool and some of them are really strange. 

Sally: Yes. I mean there are some opening up in Florida or that have already opened up. There's one called Sports and Social that is a 20,000 square foot dining and entertainment venue. That's going to be opening up in the Miami World Center. Now at this place, you can play ski ball, you can play foosball, you can get in on the arcade games. There's shuffleboard, there's beer pong. I know a lot of the people who went to college are probably gonna enjoy that. There's also one called the Putt Shack, a 27,000 square foot venue that is also opening up in Miami. That features a 3 x 9 hole competitive neon lit mini golf course. So we're seeing a lot of more socializing in these venues and then playing games. 

Phil: Yeah. And you know, for me, when I go through this list, another one in Orlando is Camp Pickle. It's not about pickles. I'm sure they serve 'em, but it's a planned pickleball themed complex. You know, this is Chuck E Cheeses all over again. That's all. It's, you know, where, you know, instead of the parents going there and having the kids have Chuck E Cheese and, you know, pizza and video games they've upped. So ACEs Eat, serve in Denver, Colorado is a ping pong hall, 10 tables of ping pong. And I guess the idea is more socialization than food. I think you could have, you know, some food and maybe you're burning off the calories, so you're gonna eat more, but this takes a lot of space for restaurant to do. And especially as we're having problems with labor, rents are going up. 

Phil: I question what's gonna happen here. There's Kaiser Tiger in Chicago. It's a two level beer hall. They have curling in the winter and bocce ball in the summer, and the menus filled with German delicacies. I'm sorry, BCI Ball is Italian. You're missing it. It can't be German delicacies. It's BCI ball here. And now here in LA they've got drag bingo complete with prizes, karaoke and live music. Urban putt in San Francisco and Denver, similar to what you describe with a multi hole golf course. 14 hole course in San Francisco. And Denver has two nine ones. I like this one. Foreign cinema, this is in San Francisco, and what they're doing is they're projecting 35 millimeter movies on a back wall while you're sitting there doing it. I like that. I've seen that in a lot of places. 

Phil: I've seen it in Palm Springs, I've seen it in Santa Monica. Right downstairs from our office, there's a great Italian restaurant called Via Venado and what they do at night, because now there's outdoor seating is they're playing old, you know, Italian movies on, on the side of the wall. And I think that that's, you know, really cool. There's another one, Lula Lounge and Toronto that gives private Latin dance lessons. The dressing room Bistro and Bar, by CanCan in Seattle, they've got zombie cheerleaders return. That's a show that, that they put on. The list goes on and on and, paint and pour in New York has professional painting instruction, art supplies, and an open bar with top shelf signature cocktails. This is just for adults. It's not like, paint Me Mine where it's kids, it's adults that go there and paint and it's, you know, prefe, you can drink all you want. 

Sally: Yes. And, you know, and speaking of drinking, as we look at this, these younger generations come up, they are not drinking as much alcohol as the older generations are. And we're seeing mocktails as a big trend. We just, you know, saw that with the Yelp trends and, and that is continuing to happen. And so, you know, maybe the idea is that these younger generations, they prefer when they go out to drink less and to engage in some sort of activity more. 

Phil: Yeah. And especially since the pandemic. Being able to socialize more and have a relationship and so on. But I think you can drink and socialize well.