Facebook Meta Whistleblower

The Lempert Report
April 29, 2022

Phil: And, you know, we talk a lot about the metaverse here, and we're gonna continue to do that. In fact, in just a few weeks in May 25th, along within context, we are doing a metaverse, um, webcast. So I want you to be part of that. We've got some major retailers, major brands we're gonna post the link on SupermarketGuru.com. So make sure you join us. Attendance is at no cost. We want you to understand where the metaverse is going, what can be done today? What is realistic? What's just fantasy that's out there. But Francis Hagen, that Facebook whistleblower, who went to Congress now has turned her focus to the metaverse. And what she's saying is, is that Facebook's version of the metaverse is gonna repeat all of its past mistakes. What's that about Sally? 

Sally: Yes. I think that she's saying that there is a huge concern for privacy and Facebook monetizing the data that they collect from other people and with these, with these new devices that we're using in our homes and how much time we're spending on that, it, it does seem probable that it's an opportunity for Facebook to gather more of our information. 

Phil: Yeah. And what she goes on to say is 70% of people don't trust Facebook, Meta the company to handle privacy properly. That's not about the metaverse. And, and I think what's gonna be important for us in the coming months and years is to separate the company, Meta Facebook from the Metaverse itself because we're gonna see a lot of other worlds that are out there in the metaverse. Also what I didn't know and what we should be watching is the electronic frontier foundation. They're a nonprofit organization that defends civil liberties in the digital world. So it'll be interesting to see what their findings are, what they're gonna be doing also for those trivia buffs. The number one media platform in social media in China is actually WeChat. And it has a user base of over 1 billion people, 850 million of them are active users. 

Phil: And there are massive data about the users in China, even more than Facebook is doing. So it's gonna be an interesting privacy issue for us to address and to keep on watching.