Fast Food Ills

The Lempert Report
January 18, 2023

Phil: Talking about eating, let's talk about fast food. And it turns out that there's this new study from the Keck Medicine of USC, that was published in the clinical gerontology and Hepatology magazine gives people extra motivation to reduce fast food consumption. They found that eating fast food is associated with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease which is a life-threatening condition. And those people with obesity or diabetes who consume 20% or more of their daily calories from fast food have severely elevated levels of fat in their liver. And also, we're not just talking about extreme, we're not talking about eating five meals a day, you know, at a McDonald's or a Burger King. We're talking about even if you have a modest amount of fast food, it can hurt our liver. 

Sally: That's correct, Phil. And you know, the other interesting thing about this study is that in this study from USC, they looked at the restaurants that don't have a wait staff. It did include pizza, but fast food restaurants that don't have a wait staff. Now, when I think about that, I also think about fast casuals, where you go in and you sit down and you do have a wait staff and the food is comparable as far as nutritional content and fat content and salt and sugar to a fast food restaurant. So this study is not even including when we're dining out at those places. 

Phil: Yeah. And, and it just, it's all about moderation.