Finding Success in Canned Goods

The Lempert Report
February 10, 2014

For most consumers, canned goods are an integral part of the shopping experience.

Recent research shows 70 percent to 80 percent of the bottom line for grocery retailers is attributed to center store sales.

Their popularity with consumers and importance to retailers, has made canned goods the focus of a campaign, “Cans Get You Cooking”, designed to increase awareness of the benefits of canned food. 

Here’s some research from the campaign that’s worth noting: 84 percent of consumers include canned foods in meals weekly, and 34 percent do so 3+ times per week. 66 percent of consumers categorized canned foods as having a most important or major role in the meal. 

 For retailers it’s also worth noting that for our modern, time starved shopper, food that is convenient as well as healthful and nutritious is appealing. Canned food helps them fulfill that desire by sealing in the food’s flavor, freshness and nutrition without sacrificing convenience. And, these foods, which fit all the necessary food groups, make homemade easy.

Recent studies also show that customers favor canned goods in terms of what they need when it comes to shelf life, convenience and good taste. According to research, canned goods outperform alternative packaging 2 to 1.  Nearly 1 in 5 units sold in the grocery department comes from a category dominated by can packages. And, they account for 72% of all unit sales in these categories. Plus, canned food products deliver $6.86 for every $1 invested, more than the grocery department and 20% more than alternative packages.  

And let’s not forget that steel cans are endlessly recyclable. Food cans are the most recycled containers in America today, keeping metal out of landfills and saving significant energy. Nearly 80%-90% of all steel that has ever been produced is still in use today!  

Highlighting canned goods can be a benefit for retailers, when it comes to convenience and nutrition they meet the needs of the modern consumer. “Cans Get You Cooking” is partnering with retailers and their teams, including registered dietitians, to empower consumers to make better, healthier choices in the grocery aisle and ultimately at home. To find out more about the program check out…