Food Art and the TacoBot

The Lempert Report
June 07, 2016

Here’s What’s Happening This Week in Food News!

One’s trash is another’s art.  Just ask Lauren Purnell, a 23-year-old based in London, who has been taking leftover food scraps for the past two years and turning them into over 100 creations she calls “Culinary Canvases.”  Food scraps transform into a panda eating bamboo to a portrait of Winnie the Pooh. Her art, she tells the Huffington Post, contain ingredients ranging from bits of eggplant skin to red pepper. Whenever she uses edible food like berries or slices of fruit in her pieces, she eats them after her artwork has been completed to eliminate and food waste and of course reward herself for a job well done.


Taco Bell has teamed up with Slack, the cloud based collaboration tool that is a messaging/group chat/document-sharing application, to launch "TacoBot," to order your meal, answer questions, make recommendations and be as witty as you would expect Taco Bell to be. Don’t forget Gidget, the Yo Quiero Taco Bell Chihuahua that made you smile in 1997. 

Lawrence Kim, director of digital innovation and on-demand for Taco Bell, said in the press release that the Mexican fast-food company wants “to make the brand more accessible wherever and whenever our fans want it.” He added in an interview with Fortune that: "Taco Bell is about food tailor-made for social consumption with friends, and that’s why integrating with a social communications platform like Slack makes perfect sense. TacoBot is the next best thing to having your own Taco Bell butler… and who wouldn’t want that??" 

The last thing I want is a Taco Bell butler… this idea would be a great addition for supermarkets to compete with the likes of Instacart and up the game.