Food Cities

The Lempert Report
April 27, 2022

Phil: Yeah. Well, let's, let's talking about cities. Let's talk about food and wines. America next great food cities. It is a massive article. We don't have time to go through it all. But there's some interesting things, especially for those supermarkets that have grocers or thinking about grocers. The number one city that they talk about is Cincinnati, Ohio and Cincinnati's Finley market, which is a historic quarter centered around a mid 18 hundreds hall branding with fresh pick produce and energy of thousands of hungry locals. Sounds like, you know, what you, what you had there. The, one of the most famous dishes in Cincinnati is cinnamon laced, chili served over spaghetti. You know, it, the first time I went to Cincinnati, which was, you know, eons ago, um, and I had this whole, you know, chili on top of spaghetti. I I'll never forget it, but I've never eaten it any place else. Where else should we be going? 

Sally: Well, Phil, what's interesting, you know, is some of the larger cities are on the, on the list like Boise, Idaho, Omaha, Nebraska, we've got Charlotte, North Carolina, but what else is interesting to me is the smaller cities. So as a result of the pandemic and the challenges, some entrepreneurs, food entrepreneurs and chefs have moved to smaller towns and really, right the level of the food scene in these, these little towns and some of those are Bozeman Montana, Charlottesville, Virginia Greenville, South Carolina, they've apparently have got really great food scenes going on. And one of the themes that I really saw throughout all of these was that a lot of these restaurants and chefs and people that are a part of the food scene are really champions for helping everyone have equal access to food and building communities. 

Phil: And the one thing that I learned from this and highly recommend that you go online, you check out this article from food and wine. Lots of really great ideas, especially as I said, for grocerants that really want to push the envelope forward. But the one thing that I didn't know, and we were always constantly learning, is where the Ruben came from, which is shocking to me, the Ruben sandwich, which I would've thought, was probably in New York or an LA based, you know, creation actually comes out of Omaha, Nebraska. Did you know that? 

Sally: I did not know that. And I read this and I, I read about how it was a popular sandwich for people to, to eat playing poker after work. And so I thought that was really interesting and I, I, would've never guessed that. 

Phil: So coming back from, from Spain and again, being surrounded by all kinds of wonderful foods, I'm sure that that the aromas of foods really played, you know, a big part. 

Sally: Absolutely. And you know, when you walk into that, that big market in Valencia, just the, the smells as you walk around are overwhelming. It's, it's really lovely and, and really makes you appreciate the food.