Food Trends 2015: Everything Smoked and Fermented Foods

The Lempert Report
November 10, 2014

Time for my 2015 Trend Predictions 3 and 4!

It's time to find out my next two trend predictions for 2015!  Prediction number 3. Everything Smoked! Forget just bacon, the demand for smoked foods everywhere is on the rise. Chefs and at-home cooks have taken up the challenge and have begun to apply smoking and grilling to add some sizzle and impart new flavor to other proteins and alternatives like vegetables, butters, and even cocktails!  And, with smokers gaining in popularity in backyards across America, at-home cooks are also experimenting with smoking non-traditional foods.  I predict will see this increase in smoked foods not only year around, but also in grocery aisles across the country. For example, tomatoes are one of the most popular non-meat items, and that fresh-from-the-grill flavor can now be found in Hunt’s Fire Roasted Diced Tomatoes. In 2015, look for even more smoked flavors to emerge into your favorite foods found on supermarket shelves, menus and recipes. 

Trend prediction number 4 for 2015?: The Rise of Fermented Foods. As consumers have been focusing on improving their digestive system, we've seen a growth in gluten-free foods and probiotics.  In 2014, we saw an expansion of gluten-free beyond the one percent of the population that has Celiac Disease. I predict that we're going to see an increased focus on the consumption of fermented foods as people continue to look for ways to aid digestion. Increased knowledge about the impact foods have on our digestive health will lead to significant changes in the way consumers prepare food in 2015. Other benefits of fermented foods include reduced risk for diseases like Type-2 diabetes, improved immunity and ability to absorb more nutrients from foods.  Once toppings or side items, things like sauerkraut, pickles and kimchi, will become commonplace on dinner tables.