Food Trends 2015: Gen z and Craft Foods

The Lempert Report
November 11, 2014

It's time to find out predictions 5 & 6!

It’s that time of year again when I release my trend predictions for 2015. We've taken you through the first four, and today, it's time to find out predictions 5 & 6! So, here we go: Trend prediction number 5: Gen Z: Chefs Everyday  

Ok, we know that Millennials’ passion for food-related adventures is undeniable, but what about Gen Z? The demographic group born after Millennials/1995 to present day, brings an entire new set of food values to the kitchen table. Their attitude toward food is simplicity and health. They tend to use stove tops rather than microwaves for cooking meals and fresh ingredients to prepared foods. Some of their favorite foods to cook include eggs/omelets, hot dogs, potatoes and fresh chicken, which they can “dress up” with their own unique touch.  My prediction? In 2015, look for even more brands to offer simple ideas to elevate everyday foods. Breakfast, for example, we'll see  basic eggs get replaced with frittatas and quiche made with EggBeaters and fresh herbs and produce.

And my trend prediction number 6? Craft foods will make their way into kitchens everywhere. Craft foods are typically seen in small batches, with  specialized, local ingredients, but now major companies are finding ways to produce craft foods in larger quantities. Take for example,  craft beer which  brought new excitement, flavors and sales to the struggling beer industry: MillerCoors and Anheuser are two examples of major companies that have made the jump to more locally produced, limited distribution and sub-brands.  My prediction for 2015, is that we'll see this trend extend to other foods and beverages.  Millennials in particular continue to seek unique tastes and foods with authentic origin stories. Marie Callender’s Razzleberry Pie, made with fresh-picked raspberries and Marionberries from Wisconsin and Michigan, is an example of a food that looks and tastes homemade but is found in freezer aisles nationwide.   

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