Food Trends 2015: Golden Grazers and 24/7 Shopping

The Lempert Report
November 07, 2014

It's time for me to release my 2015 food trend predictions!

It's that time of year again where I look at what's brewing in the food world and what I think is about to be big. It's time for me to release my 2015 food trend predictions!

Trend prediction number 1: Grazing Golden-Agers 
We all love to snack, in fact, according to Nielsen, ninety-one percent of people say they snack daily, but while snacking is on the rise among all ages and genders, research by NPD Group shows that snacking among consumers over the age of 65 could contribute to additional years with a higher quality of life.  So, my prediction for 2015? We’ll see more of those boomers who were raised in the “three square meals a day” era – employ a “grazing” approach to eating next year.   And what will they snack on?. They’ll focus on foods rich in nutrients like protein, fiber and Omega3s that can help promote bone health and ward off arthritis and other diseases. Snacks with nuts and other plant-based proteins and whole grains, like David’s Sunflowers Seeds and Orville Redenbacher’s Gourmet Naturals with 100% whole grains, are convenient, popular choices. 
Trend prediction number 2: Same-Day Delivery Not Just for City Clickers: Grocery Shopping Goes 24/7
In this fast paced, mobile world, online grocery shopping and delivery has become a crowded space that has everyone competing for consumer attention. This trend allows everyone who sells food and beverages to be in the same-day delivery business without having to add additional operational infrastructure. Same day delivery is generally considered a luxury for those living in metropolitan areas. I believe that revenue gains among food and beverage e-commerce/delivery service indicate the trend will expand to consumers living in both urban and rural areas next year. Previously, major e-commerce players like Amazon would only deliver non-perishable items, but Peapod, Fresh Direct, Amazon Fresh and Instacart make it possible to have perishables like Healthy Choice Café Steamers delivered to your door in less than two hours. With this in mind, products will evolve and become catered to online shoppers. I also predict that more brands will bundle multiple SKUs to create meal kits or offer pre-packaged sets of multiple products.
Tune in monday to find out my next two trend predictions for 2015!