French farmers

The Lempert Report
October 27, 2022

Phil: Talking about farming, what's going on with French Farmers that perhaps, you know, American farmers need to pay attention to? 

Sally: Well, in the northern part of France, there is a company that is experimenting with what's called voltaics. Now, if you've never heard that word before, like I haven't, that is when you are using land for both creating solar energy and for growing crops. So what's really cool about this is that they've installed these acres and acres of solar panels that are creating energy, but also providing sources of sunlight and protection for these crops that they're growing. 

Phil: And with these solar panels can do is they move, they move with the sun and also if it rains, they flip 'em over automatically. So, you know, the rain hits the crops. Very, very smart idea.