Giant Food Waste

The Lempert Report
March 28, 2023

Giant Supermarket has this program, it's now three years old, Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful, and it's focus this year. Every year they have a different theme. It's focused this year on food waste. What's it all about? 

Sally: Yes. The program is called healing the Planet. And what they're doing is they're giving grants to different companies to get involved with solving our food waste problem. It involves things like diverting food and teaching people how to compost. They have funded, already in the past two years, 82 projects at a total of $800,000. So if you are a nonprofit, it's not just in Pennsylvania, it's in a couple of other states as well, where you can apply for this grant and you have until April 13th to do that. 

Phil: And I think what Giant is doing is so cool. And, you know, basically what they're doing at the cash register, you round up. So, you know, your bill comes to a dollar 98, you round up to $2, and that's how that money is being raised. They've got some great stats here that should be very scary. The US spends more than 162 billion, growing processing and transporting food that is never eaten over 1 billion worth of food is wasted in our schools and supermarkets, waste about 15 billion a year in unsold fruits and vegetables. All according to the U S D A. So kudos for Giant. and again, as Sally said, you know, if you're a nonprofit, you know, register for it, maybe you can get some funding. It's $2,500, 5,000, 10,000 or $20,000 grants, that they're giving out.