H-E-B Opens A Wellness Clinic in Texas

The Lempert Report
July 28, 2023

H-E-B, one of my favorite retailers, has opened yet another wellness primary care clinic. It's at Katy, Texas. It's a full service primary care unit for those age 12 and older. They manage illnesses through a food as medicine approach aAnd what they're doing is offering physical therapy, health and nutrition coaching, clinical pharmacists, specialty referrals labs. Their staff is board certified physicians, nurses, other licensed medical professionals. And you know, now H-E-B can have a one stop shop for all of our medicines, so we can go into the store, buy healthy foods and then, you know, make sure that we're treating our bodies intelligently.

Sally: Yes, I love this program and I think about the clinics that CVS started, and somehow some of the drug stores started doing that, where they could give vaccinations and where they could treat very minor situations, and how that made this kind of healthcare much more accessible to some people, because we all know how hard it is to get a doctor appointment these days and get it via healthcare professional. But what an even better match with what H-E-B is doing to where you can actually discuss a nutritional approach to your health and your well-being. And there you are in the store where you can go and buy those recommended nutritious foods that you need to have to feel better.

Phil: And to your point, getting doctor's appointments are absurd. A lot of doctors don't want to be doctors anymore, for whatever reason. In fact, this morning I just got an email from a practitioner that we use that he's decided to give up his practice and move to the south of Spain. So gone, you know, just like that. So H-E-B, Kroger, a lot of these areas, Hv-Vee, who are opening up these affordable wellness clinics. It's great, it's kudos to them and we just need more of them