Halloween Sodas

The Lempert Report
October 25, 2022

On today’s bullseye we look at frankly one of my favorite brands of soda, Halloween Sodas – Jones who just celebrated its 25th anniversary. What I’ve always liked about the brand is that they only use pure cane sugar and their label designs are truly stand outs. They now even let us design out own custom labels for graduations, weddings, any holidays or celebrations and in about 10 days you’ll receive your custom 12 pack for $54.99 – that’s a bit over $4.50 a bottle/. They are not the first company to offer custom labels in fact Eat Me foods’ Skeleteens customized Brain Wash for Microsoft’s holiday party back in the 1980s – which actually turned your tongue blue. But this marketing story is about Jones, they have partnered with Mike Tyson and put his face on the label and with Juliana Pena the fighter with 6 different photos, sorry Mike you only get one. And this year for Halloween they offer Blood Sucker and Zombie Juice flavors. To celebrate their 25th they brought back the flavor that put them on the map. Turkey & Gravy soda, 12 bottles are $39.99. Seriously. I tried it when it first came out and well, It was a novelty that I’m glad I tried – but no desire to try it again. If you are looking to make an impression this Thanksgiving. Order some. The team at Jones are brilliant marketers and their normal flavors are terrific – my favorite is their Cream Soda.