Healthy Food Financing

The Lempert Report
June 30, 2022

Phil: Philadelphia has something called The Reinvestment Fund, it's based in Philadelphia. They've just announced 22.6 million in financial assistant awards to 134 projects through their 2021 round of America's healthy food financing initiative, targeted small grants program. This is part of the government. This is part of Tom Vilsack's platform to get smaller companies involved of the 134 companies, people that got money, 45% serve rural communities, 81% are owned or led by people of color women and or native people of the awardee. Sixty-nine percent are grocery retail projects, 31% offer alternative retail models, including mobile markets, CSAs and food boxes. So Sally, tell us what some of the award winners were. 

Sally: I love this, Phil, that's, you know, it's not only getting food to underserved communities, but it is lifting up these companies that are owned by minorities. One of them is the local farm cooperative, which is in Selma, Alabama, Manuel's food market, a neighborhood grocery in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Nawoody Denoni community general store in San Carlos, Arizona. And Northeast grocers is a black led neighborhood coalition that is helping people in this area get food. So these are real, this is a really cool program. 

Phil: Yeah, I think it's great. And, they had over 500 different applications for it and, getting 134 of these companies often running it's, it's wonderful. So, good for our AG Secretary. Vilsack is terrific and continued success with him at our helm.