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The Lempert Report
April 27, 2016

Forget the Cro-nut, Now it’s the Cream-nut and Take more bites for more satisfaction.

It’s called the tredelnikis (pronounce like turtleneck) and is a donut like pastry shaped into a cone, and then filled with ice cream. And it’s all the rage… in Prague.

As reported by NPR's Jasmine Garsd this new dessert is actually based on a 200 years old recipe and is a traditional Czech cinnamon pastry in the shape of a tube. But it was the Good Food Cafe, who was the first to start filling trdelniks with ice cream.  

According to Brianna Simmons, who blogs as The Casual Travelist, she was recently walking through the streets of Prague when the aroma of baking trdelnik from the Good Food Cafe hit her with what she said was the force of a Czech tennis player covered in cinnamon. Actually the aroma is of slightly sweet caramelized cinnamon and sugars.

Simmons explains that it is similar to a pretzel and a cinnamon-sugar doughnut combination on the outside, and a really soft, fluffy center.  And unlike the American waffle cone, trdelnik cones don't dribble.

Take more bites for more satisfaction.

Joel Warady, chief sales and marketing officer of Enjoy Life Food reported on a research study at Expo West thatthe repetition of taking multiple bites is more satiating than one piece or bite regardless of the calorie-count and give consumers seven times the satisfaction as a single cookie because they are able to pop them in their mouths over and over.

He explained that the action causes consumers to slow their snacking and more thoughtfully consume the food.

He also noted providing “free-from” products is good business for both brands and retailers as Enjoy Life Food’s research shows that “the average shopper’s cart value is $46, but the free-from shopper’s cart is $102.”