IG Food Photo Tricks

The Lempert Report
April 14, 2023

A new study was just written up in the Washington Post by Erin Blakemore. I love this story. It's how to Make Healthy Foods Instagram ready. There's a study in the journal health communication that basically found that the most successful food photography are the ones that are the worst for us. So what's that all about? 

Sally: Yes. Our brains naturally immediately love those photos of those foods that are not good for us. But what this study is telling us is it's giving us some tips on how to make our healthier foods more appealing to people when they're looking at them on Instagram. And some of the suggestions were that warm colors were more inviting instead of very bright pictures. And simplicity is better, less complexity and repetition within the images. So I think the basic idea is that if you're gonna be putting healthy, pick pictures of healthy food up, let's keep it simple and make those colors really nice and warm and inviting. 

Phil: Yeah. And it's something that, for example, retail dietitians and culinary people that work in supermarkets should really pay attention to because so many of them are now posting, whether it's on Instagram or Facebook or they're doing videos. So it's a great read in the Washington Post. How to Make Healthier Foods Instagram ready. So it's a must read for everybody in the food industry.