Italy Bans Lab-Grown Meat

The Lempert Report
April 04, 2023

Italy has come up with a new bill to ban laboratory produced meats and other synthetic foods. The reason that they want to do it is the importance of Italy's food traditions. And farmers are elated that the government is doing this. 

Sally: Yes, there's a big push to protect the traditional food and the farmers and the agriculture industry in Italy. It's very interesting because animal welfare and environmental activists are not completely on board with this. But what we're hearing is that they would like to completely ban the production of synthetic lab meats and that would also include any synthetic milks as well. 

Phil: Yeah, it's interesting and the whole thing to me looks like a PR stunt, if you would. That Italy is gonna separate itself from the EU in banning this. However, if the EU does agree to it, not the ban, but allowing these foods in, they can override Italy. So I think we're gonna have a couple years of major fighting going on between Italy and the EU, but nothing new there. They have always been fighting.