Kroger Looks to Appeal to Modern Shoppers

The Lempert Report
July 17, 2015

We all know consumers have a growing interest in natural and organic products and now one more retailer is cashing in.

Kroger’s King Soopers division is joining the long list of retailers tapping into consumers’ growing appetite for healthy, natural and organic products. How? Well the company launched a new website for those who live in and around the Denver metro area, the site offers over 36,000 natural and organic products and every product is free from more than 101 artificial ingredients and preservatives.

Kroger completed a merger with the health and nutrition site in August 2014, so are naturally using that already existing technology and platform. For Kroger, as well as emphasizing health and wellness, this is really their next step in making seamless, omni-channel shopping a reality.

Russ Dispense, King Soopers President, said in a press release, "increasingly, our customers are looking for more simple, convenient and relevant ways to shop, whether it's in-store, on our website or on their mobile devices. It has never been easier for King Soopers customers to shop online for thousands of natural and organic products."

By focusing on convenience as well and healthier products, Kroger shows  they are listening to exactly what the modern customer wants. Supermarkets that have an omnichannel presence and make it easier for shoppers to buy exactly what they want, in a convenient fashion, will continue to appeal to consumers today.