The Lempert Report
May 11, 2022

Phil: So Sally, what's the fight over the Amazon? 

Sally: Well, apparently we've reached a critical moment with the Amazon, in Brazil's Amazon deforestation has surged to record levels for the month of April and, and this is very troublesome and it's particularly troublesome to Leonardo DiCaprio who has been an outspoken activist on this issue. And he's been urging Brazilians to register, to vote in the upcoming election to save the Amazon. So apparently president Bolsonaro took office in 2019 and uh, weakened environmental protections. And so it has, it has caused for an increase in deforestation and Bolsonaro wasn't too pleased with Leonardo de Caprio's comments. 

Phil: Yeah. So what Leo tweeted is Brazil's home to the Amazon and other ecosystems that are critical to climate change. What happens there matters to us all. And youth voting is key in driving change for a healthy planet and bull Eros response. He better keep his mouth shut about the Amazon seriously. You know what what's with this guy? You know, we had a problem. He had a problem with, with COVID not really looking at data truthfully and really prohibiting a lot of resilience from getting the vaccine. Now this, and when we take a look at what's going on with the ecosystem in the Amazon, it's, you know, frankly harmful, as Leo said, I agree with them to the rest of the planet.