Local Hawaiian Cocktail

The Lempert Report
November 02, 2022

Phil: Let's go to Hawaii. And Hawaii has a new canned cocktail. It is called the KoHana Hawaiian Agrico Rum. They're gonna be bottling daiquiris and sold as ready to drink cocktails. Now what's important about this story is that Hawaiian agriculture uses local sugar cane produce like pineapple that mixes with the rum to make its cocktails. So we're gonna see a whole new realm of cocktails that are coming in. And the ready to drink cocktail market is now $782 million. This product is gonna sell for about 13 bucks for a 12 ounce bottle, which I think, you know, to your earlier point about the candy, is really expensive. I'm not a rum drinker, so I don't know what a bottle of rum actually costs, but I've just gotta think that, you know, it's kind of cool that these people are doing this in Hawaii. It's good for the agriculture, hopefully it tastes great. But I have to question the price. 

Sally: Yes, it is expensive. It ,much like some of the other, you know, craft cocktails and food products we see that come from local communities. But what is wonderful about it, and, you know we've talked about this, this market for canned cocktails and how so many are appearing now on the shelves and they seem to be more popular. But what's great about this is that incorporating what is grown in Hawaii. And it would be so wonderful to see more of this across the United States and local communities when something is in season. Let's support those farmers. Let's take that and make it an ingredient in something that we're serving or selling. And it's easier to do that in a restaurant format than it is in developing a product and getting it on shelves. But they're doing a great job and they're using pineapple and lilikoi, which is passion fruit, which is grown in Hawaii, and this is really gonna help out the farmers. 

Phil: Yeah, no, I think it's terrific and looking forward to trying it and tasting it.