MetaFood - Miller Lite SuperBowl

The Lempert Report
February 18, 2022

Phil : We're gonna talk about the Super Bowl. We're gonna talk about Meta Food. We're gonna talk about the whole metaverse, and you know, you know, my opinions on it, it's nothing more than second life, but now with a lot more money behind it. And Sally, you actually tried, with Eli, your son to, to get part of this metaverse, that was part of the Super Bowl. Tell us about that. 

Sally: Yes, we did. I have a very tech tech savvy son as a lot of kids are today. And, my son actually owns an Oculus, which is one of the, the VR standalone headsets where you can, get, you know, get involved in all these worlds and games and things. So we wanted to check out, what Miller light was doing in the metaverse. And so I asked him if he would help me, we tried to log on, on my Mac. We tried to log on, on a PC and we tried logging on with the Oculus and we were unsuccessful with all three. So I'm not exactly sure why, but I hope that they will, you know, as they move forward with these metaverse worlds that they're encouraging people to go, that they will make them a lot easier for you to access. But I did take a look at the commercial, which I, the first big game commercial ever in the metaverse. And I will watched that this morning, on YouTube. And it was really, it was really interesting to see, you know, an avatar commercial within there. They made some jokes and took a shot at the Clyde Dales for Budweiser. They had, they had all kinds of, pop culture references, and it was really kind of cool, but we'll see if people are able to find out how to get in there and get involved. 

Phil : So what I want everybody to do, Tony's gonna play this clip, for us, but I want you to pay attention to the last sentence as part of this TV commercial. So Tony let's play it 

Ad Audio: Welcome to the first big game ad in the metaverse. How is it a big game ad if it's not even in the same universe as the big game? Well, relatable farmer, cause we have a culturally relevant pop stock and majestic horses. What do horses have to do with be miracle to appeal to the masses? We added puppies, avocados from another country, aliens, a Miller like robot explosions, overly dramatic music and more talking in. So this like, and in a not so subtle attempt to get press we'll launch this added exclusively in the metaverse. Wait, where are we? Well, it's just like reality, but with worse graphics. Oh yeah. Don't forget an iconic tagline. 

Phil : So there's no question in my mind. It is great PR we're talking about it here. A lot of people are talking about it. It'll be interesting to see just what happens with it. And we're gonna make you a commitment right now that we're gonna follow food and the metaverse retail and the metaverse as much as we can, until we figure out fad or trend reality, or just hype.