Metaverse Goes Smell-A-Vision

The Lempert Report
March 25, 2022

Phil: When we look at the past, I think that there's a lot of from the past. And when we look at selling food, we really have to sell food with all five senses, really having a multisensory experience. So when I was a kid there was something in movies that never made it and it was called smell vision. And they had a whole bunch of, of competitive products that were out there. 

Phil: I think there was Odor-rama and so on. And basically what they would do in movie theaters is everything from having very scientific ways to reduce different aromas, to basically just taking some, putting it, you know, in cotton and then blowing a fan through the air ducts or then even dropping, you know, perfume in air conditioning. None of that worked for a whole variety of reasons, either it didn't get to everybody in the theater or it was just so overpowering that people eyes would tear or just didn't smell very well fast forward to now. And this kind of technology is being used and has been used for a while in Disneyland and Disney world in some of their rides. There, there are 70 a hundred different scents that are being used this way, but it looks to me now that we're gonna see a major advance in food and the metaverse because of smell. 

Sally: I'm so curious to see how this plays out. It's really fast. This British tech company O W Smell Digital has already raised 1.3 million to support this technology that they're developing. And they're hoping to add this technology to people that are in the VR world, in the metaverse so that they can have a truly immersive real life experience when they are interacting with food. 

Phil: And when you look at a lot of the research that's being done is aromas do bring up good and sometimes bad memories of childhood. Again, you know, how many times do we have to talk about, you know, going in holiday time to a relatives, kitchen and having the aroma of a pumpkin pie or an apple pie or whatever else. And it just makes you feel so good. So if we could bring this to the, metaverse kind of interesting to watch. 

Sally: Definitely I'm reminded of the, of the KFC logs that you can buy that smell like the fried chicken. You know, I wonder if we'll see KFC using this technology so that when you go into their metaverse world, you're smelling fried chicken. 

Phil: I hope not. I hope I, I I've never understood those logs or the candles that, that smell like different food. I don't frankly, think that KFCs fried chicken smells good.  

Phil: It's like grease. You know, why do I wanna smell grease?