Metaverse Twin

The Lempert Report
July 07, 2022

A new partnership between Kraft-Heinz and Microsoft adds another new dimension to the possibilities in the Metaverse. It comes to no ones surprise that our supply chain issues are far from over. All the pandemic did was to put further strain on what was already fragile.  Kraft-Heinz wants to fix that and is going to create a “twin” of their production facilities in the metaverse in order to get predict where bottlenecks could occur before they happen in order to avoid and fix those situations.

In an interview with CNN, Carlos Abrams-Rivera, Kraft's president of North America, said some products became "trapped" in its logistics system during the pandemic as repeated lockdowns incurred dramatic shifts in demand. He also said the so-called "digital twin" model of its supply lines will help it avoid a situation like that in the future and that it will also enable the company to automate its reaction to spikes in demand. Kraft Heinz will use the tech to digitally map out its logistics system in the hope of creating a "supply chain control tower." If a store runs a promotion on Lunchables, for example, that means Kraft employees have to spot this and tell warehouses to prepare as they will see increased demand, Abrams-Rivera, told CNN.

Former Kraft Heinz employees told Insider last year that it cut costs heavily since its 3G Capital merger in 2015, causing burnout and high turnover. It left the company struggling to compete with its rivals, they said. Which brings up the issue that Bill Gillespie of Microsoft shared with us just a few weeks ago on our webcast – “Exploring the Retail Metaverse” – the use of the metaverse for hiring, training and retention of employees. We only hope that a part of this new endeavor for Kraft-Heinz heeds Gillespie’s words and they try to fix their staffing issues before even more employees leave what was two great companies before its too late. The metaverse will stretch our minds to new insights – if we let it.