NYC Food Fiasco

The Lempert Report
May 26, 2022

Phil: I think that, you know, we talk a lot about marketing here and I think there's gonna be another brand manager. Who's looking for a job. Currently he's at he or she is at GrubHub. And they had a free lunch offer. What happened? 

Sally: Well, I think New Yorkers were probably pretty excited about the, the offer that was extended to them last week for free lunch. That was the promo code that was used and it got them a 15 hour coupon to order food within a two hour window. So just two hours, you know, these orders were coming through. I think they had over 400,000 orders that were attempting to be made. And people were very frustrated about not getting their orders and they complained a lot on social media about GrubHub. 

Phil: Yeah. And on TikTok 110,000 views just from a local just salad restaurant where the employees were forced to toss out hundreds of bagged lunch orders. This is a disaster, this is a marketing disaster, it's an operational disaster. And what's surprising to me is GrubHub has been around for a while. They know how to make deliveries clearly. And the fact that this became such a fiasco is amazing to me the company, the company noted that at times they were averaging 6,000 orders per minute, doesn't make sense.