Plant-Based Amazon

The Lempert Report
March 24, 2022

Phil: Talking about online shopping Amazon, once again, has taken, taken a step forward, even though everybody keeps on thumbing their nose at Amazon in the food world. I am not one of those people. Amazon just launched their fresh plant based initiative, 15 products including grillable patties, almond milk, ground meat, substitute chicken nuggets, obviously not from chicken. And what's interesting to me about this two, two aspects. Number one is they're really promoting the health attributes of every item really highlighting those. But what they're doing is they're also giving consumers a discount of 20% substantial on these new products through the introduction. Oobviously it's just through the end of March, maybe they'll extend it, but if you're interested either from a competitive standpoint or just a personal standpoint, you know, get on Amazon and you could save some money as well. 

Sally: Yes. That's a great way to introduce these products to people, to offer a discount. And, you know, the, the private label arena is really exploding. And so is the plant based arena. In fact, I'm, I'm super excited about the protein and plant conference coming up in June that the food Institute is putting on with us. And so we're gonna talk a lot about things in that arena, but it's excellent to see Amazon getting into that, into that area and offering some alternatives.