SNAP & Produce

The Lempert Report
April 28, 2022

Phil: So what's going on with the SNAP program right now? 

Sally: Well, it's, it's looking like that. A lot of people that are using the snap benefits are unable to buy as much fruits and vegetables as they were, maybe they were before. The consumer price index for fruits and vegetables is two per 2.3% higher in February. And that's the largest monthly increase since March, 2010. So we're seeing some of this pandemic rate leaf go away. And actually the benefits are going to be dropping by at least $95 a month or more in the coming months for people that are on, on SNAP benefits. 

Phil: And again, you know, major, major part of the population, 42 million Americans are on SNAP. So this is a huge problem that we've got. Also in 2021 USDA report showed that 88% of snap participants are facing barriers, a healthy eating 61% cited affordability as the main barrier to achieving a healthy diet. So, you know what, what's the solution to all this? 

Sally: Well, I thought one of the interesting points in this article was, was about retailers learning what their community, what is popular to eat within their community and helping them by offering recipes that are affordable, that they can make with those ingredients that they already like to buy. 

Phil: And that's one of the things that we heard loud and clear from the RDBA virtual experience is it's really combining health and nutrition, along with creativity for a recipe along with affordability. So I think that's the magic formula right now that every supermarket is gonna have to follow. If in fact, they're gonna be able to meet the needs of shoppers.