Spud Nation Finalist interview #2

The Lempert Report
January 07, 2016

Daniel McCarthy from Tatoheads

With just days to go, the finalists in the Spud Nation Throwdown are gearing up for the competition.  Today’s Spud Nation Throwdown Spotlight Finalist video is with Daniel McCarthy from Tatoheads.

"We started in September 2011.  It was my first desire to be a chef and there was a point in my life where I said “Hey, I’m going to go ahead and give that dreaming thing a try.”  

At the Spud Nation Throwdown we’ll be serving Chorizo Cheese tots with Cajun Seasoning.  It starts with Tater Tots and we toss that in some Himalayan Salt and some North Market Spices Cajun seasoning.  And then we start layering it.  It starts with a whole milk, low moisture mozzarella.  Feather shredded and then we put the chorizo from hollandaise sauce.  And then we take out Tato’s original sauce which is our proprietary blend.  Then we do a little garnish of cilantro after that.

In the food truck world a lot comes down to being able to get that dish out the window to the customer as quickly as possible and maintain the level of quality that is worthy of their money.

I think the best winning strategy is just to be myself.  Just letting it be, letting it all hang loose is kinda how I’m planning."