Take control of your water quality!

The Lempert Report
December 04, 2014

Drink in confidence and take clean water on the go.

Whether you’re hiking in the wilderness, traveling internationally or just going about your everyday life, access to safe and truly clean water can be, unfortunately, a rarity.  But one Seattle based company, armed with a commitment to providing clean drinking water to anyone, anywhere, has an innovative solution,  A simple filtration cup – pour water in and use it like a french press. But the key to making it work? The Grayl’s unique filter system:

Travis Merrigan, Operations and Co-founder Grayl, Inc. Our 3 interchangeable filters work with all of our bottles, the tap, the trail and travel.  The Tap filter removes flavors and odors, chemicals, heavy metals.  Things you can taste in your water.  It’s built for everyday use.  The Trail filter built for outdoor adventures.  Filters out everything the Tap filter does, plus bacteria and protozoa found in rivers and streams.  The Travel Purifier is the ultimate protection.  It does everything these two filters do plus virus protection.  Rotovirus, Hepatitis A, Norovirus.  Things you’re likely to encounter when you’re travelling internationally”

Gary Sukovaty, Global Sales Director Grayl, Inc. The reason for creating 3 different filters was to make sure there was an application for everybody depending on where you were in need of fresh clean water.  This is the most unique water filtration system on the market.   There’s nobody who has something where you can just click [and change]… What’s that like 5 seconds switch time?  Nobody has that.  It actually works simply like a French Press.  There’s an outer cup and an inner cup.  The questionable water goes in the outer cup…

Travis:  The filter you choose will depend on how questionable your water is.  And press.  The press time is determined by which filter you use.  The Tap filter requires about 7 seconds.  Trail filter 15 seconds.  And the Travel Purifier of course, 30 seconds to press.

Phil: Founded in 2012, the GRAYL was inspired by CEO and Founder Nancie Weston's concerns about plastic pollution and the poor quality and taste of water she experienced while traveling. 

Gary: In the First world countries, clean water in a sense is not rare, but it has been treated.  It has a lot of odor and flavor that might have been with it, chlorines.  And a lot of tap water is definitely drinkable, but some of the older pipes are definitely passing off metals and other contaminants.  The consumer also needs Grayl when they’re traveling in other areas where there isn’t clean tap water.  You definitely need to be able to rely on something more powerful.  Our goal is to become the clean portable water solution for everyone. 

Phil: Originally a crowdfunded project on Indiegogo, the Grayl reached its funding goal and is now available in stores, just in time for the holidays!

Gary:  You can purchase a Grayl water filtration system at thegrayl.com,we’re also in REI and REI.com, and most recentlywe’re in a high end grocer The Metropolitan Market in the NorthWest.