Target Focuses on Organic

The Lempert Report
March 06, 2015

Target is making their Made to Matter initiative a priority in 2015 and they predict their customers will love it!

According to a recent report from the Associated Press, Target will add more than 200 products and 30 brands to its Made to Matter initiative, a program whose goal is to provide organic and sustainable merchandise to consumers.

The Made to Matter initiative was launched in April 2014 and challenges brands and new suppliers to come up with new goods geared toward the growing sustainability market. Several new products will be introduced this year, including kid-friendly items like natural children’s soaps and kid-sized veggie pouches.

According to the Associated Press, Target expects sales for the program – which features products ranging in price from $1.25 to $49.99 – to reach $1 billion in 2015. A company rep told the AP, “I think this program has enormous potential and will continue to play an important role in differentiating Target from other retailers.” 

By expanding this program, Target is recognizing consumers’ growing interest in health and wellness and an increased desire to buy products that are good for them and good for the environment.  Target is doing what all supermarkets should be doing, working to set themselves apart by marketing and pushing products that focus on health and wellness.

While not all supermarkets have the capacity to financially support this kind of initiative, other things can be done to remind customers that their interest in health and wellness is recognized by the store.  Highlight and display favorite products that are organic or sustainable, guide shoppers on products with various health benefits and offer better for you tips and advice on various food products. Stores that show a dedication and interest in their customers’ health and wellness interests will set themselves apart from the rest.