Terrible TikTok Trends

The Lempert Report
October 25, 2023

TikTok has become this food phenomenon, if you would, and there's a report in the Washington Post, an article in the Washington Post that talked about some of these terrible TikTok cooking videos and how many you know views they're getting. In one case, there's over a billion views, #ChefReactions. Also. Tanara Mallory, who goes by Tanara Double Chocolate on TikTok, used to work. She's 47. She used to work in a supermarket as a production cook and she started sharing food reaction videos when she stumbled upon a recipe post on her TikTok for you page and decided to give voice to her internal monologue while watching it. So why are we addicted to these horrible TikTok videos and people will just keep on watching them?

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