The Future of Couponing!

The Lempert Report
September 23, 2013

The company Zoomkube introduced a facial-recognition software with social media monitoring capabilities.

We talk a lot about the importance of retailers keeping up with the evolving trends of consumers and embracing technology. But a stumbling block remains, that even when a digital connection exists, there is generally an inability to interact with consumers when they actually get into the store (Unless of course consumers are constantly on their mobile device). The company Zoomkube may have found a way to successfully bridge this gap. They have introduced a facial-recognition software with social media monitoring capabilities. Based on consumer’s appearance and behavior, this technology allow brands to serve real-time offers and content on a monitor in retail stores. Zoomkube's ZK100 was launched in March of this year, but operated through the company's 55" digital standalone kiosk. A recent announcement however said that the platform can now operate on any 1080p PC-based touch screen, allowing a third party to integrate the technology into existing campaigns. How does this work exactly? When a consumer stands in front of a monitor, cameras will take an image and then with the help of a third party, facial recognition software company, compares the image with thousands of others in a database, allowing the brand to determine gender, age and appearance. A person with curly hair, for example, would see a shampoo specific for curly hair. The consumer is then given an option to enter in an email address, receive relevant coupons, deals and also enable brands to build a database of potential customers. This technology is a great way to maintain interaction with consumers, and zero in on shopping habits while actually in the store. Assuming busy consumers partake in this, it could serve brands very well.