The Holiday Season is Creeping In!

The Lempert Report
September 07, 2015

Check out how one retail giant is bringing some tough competition this year!

End of August, beginning of september is usually still time for back to school shopping and Labor day sales, but this year it seems the holiday season is starting a little earlier.

Get this, Walmart has already implemented it's holiday season strategies with it's layaway program….it's only Labor Day!  In a recent statement, the world’s largest retailer said it would make annual holiday season layaway program available to customers two weeks earlier than last year, lower the price for individual eligible items to $10 from $15, and give shoppers 90 days to pay instead of 60. Walmart is clearly gearing up for some tough competition this holiday season, following a few recent disappointing Christmas periods. 

According to the NPD group,  forecast toy sales will be up 6.2% for the full year in 2015, so you can see there's reason to stay ahead of the competition!

While for supermarkets it's certainly early to focus on the holiday season, it's worth remembering the competitive climate and ensuring that you are ahead of the game.  We've got Halloween coming up next which builds momentum for Thanksgiving and Christmas and supermarkets can begin to position themselves as a go-to celebration destination. From fall recipes to halloween candy to seasonal cocktails now's the time supermarkets should start to plan for the season ahead with designated displays, promotions, samples and meal  ideas that will ensure customers know where to go when the holidays come calling.