The Most Popular Search On Mobile is For Food and Beverage

The Lempert Report
October 04, 2016

A new study of mobile search by Hitwise reports that the food and beverage sector leads in the number one position at 77 percent of online searches initiated on a mobile device.

The report goes on to say that 77 percent of retail searches that mention “coupon” are initiated on a smartphone or tablet, as are 73 percent of searches seeking a “sale” and 68 percent of “discount” searches.  “With so much shopping activity occurring online, including while consumers are shopping in physical stores, online search may be one of the best ways to influence shoppers,” says John Fetto, of Hitwise in their press release. “Understanding the device from which different types of searches typically originate and then formulating a strategy for engaging the consumers behind those searches is critical. And the risk[s] of not doing so – lost sales, unhappy customers, missed opportunities, etc. – are enormous.”

According to the NinthDecimal Mobile Audience Insight Report Cashing in coupons is also more likely to be via mobile, with more than half (69%) of consumers saving coupons on mobile rather than printing them. The study of 1,200 mobile users aimed at researching how mobile impacts the consumer’s path to purchase within the consumer packaged goods industry.  

They also found more than half (59%) using their mobile device for their shopping lists.The majority (68%) of consumers use their mobile devices to discover products in the following ways:

  • 42% -- Research nutritional info
  • 37% -- Research brand/product info
  • 28% -- Watch product videos

The study found that most (86%) consumers use their mobile devices for getting  ready for their shopping trip in the following ways:

  • 69% -- Find/save coupons
  • 59% -- Create shopping lists
  • 35% -- Browse recipes

During the actual shopping trip, more than half (59%) of consumers use their mobile device while shopping, an increase of 16% from a year ago. This is what they do while they shop:

  • 42% -- Review shopping lists
  • 37% -- Search for product discounts
  • 27% -- Get competitor pricing

There is no doubt that for supermarkets to compete they must engage mobile and these offerings.