Ugly Christmas Sweaters Merch

The Lempert Report
December 20, 2022

On today’s Bullseye – It’s all about those ugly Christmas Sweaters. With a twist. Forget those reindeers and Santas. Major brands and restaurants are getting into the ugly Christmas sweater business. Here are a few you may want to avoid. Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Sleigh Sweater is decorated with snowflakes, lobsters and a sleigh filled with the cheesy biscuits $45. Don’t despair they also have hoodies and beanies. Swiss Miss now has a hot cocoa-scented holiday sweater complete with an insulated zipper pouch you can use to keep your cocoa warm. $60 that also has a reversible sequin pattern that can read “I am hot” or “I am sweet” depending on how you’re feeling.

Pearl Milling Company – what used to be called Aunt Jemima created a Family Stack Sweater that comes in two-person, three-person and four-person varieties. Each sweater has oversized pockets that are large enough to fit a bottle of syrup and a spatula, so you can whip up some breakfast treats together. They didn’t sell it – but had an online sweepstakes where you could win one. Pillsbury’s limited edition Doughboy sweater is decorated with a giant picture of the iconic Doughboy himself and comes with a button you can press to play his infectious laugh. The sweater even has a scannable crescent roll on its left sleeve with access to recipes, baking tips and more.

Budweiser has of course a holiday sweater with their signature Clydesdale horses but they also sell one that shows cans of Bud and their logo – Just $55.

And last but not least is the Taco Bell Christmas Sweater for $47 you can wear a photo of a taco in the middle and several packets of hot sauce in varying degrees of heat - it also has flames embroidered along the top.