Veestro, just Heat and Eat!

The Lempert Report
October 29, 2015

Cut out the chopping, shopping cooking and cleaning

Unfortunately the issue of food waste is an ongoing hot topic and will be for some time. So it's no surprise that many innovative startups are looking to make a dent in this issue… one such company is Veestro, a plant-based meal delivery service started by a brother/sister duo in California. 
Monica Klausner, Co-Founder & CMO, Veestro
Veestro is a complete meal delivery company, we make 100% plant based meals, we make them with all organic, non GMO ingredients, and they're prepared fresh and shipped frozen straight to people's doors all over the US. People are really starting to understand how nutrition affects your health, and it's hard to eat healthy, it's hard to know what to shop and what to make, and how to make it delicious, so we're chopping down the shopping and cooking and just delivering delicious food that you can heat and eat. 
I think food waste is a really big problem, We have cut out shopping prepping, all you have to do instead of waste all that food is just take out the meal, and not just a big meal but everything is made in single servings, so if there's 4 people in your family but you're the only one eating you can take out one portion and eat that and there's no food waste. 
Veestro cuts out the chopping, shopping cooking and cleaning so you can just heat and eat