Walmart gets fresh!

The Lempert Report
July 01, 2013

Walmart is making bold moves to freshen up their produce aisles.

Walmart is making bold moves to freshen up their produce aisles. In an attempt to encourage healthy food choices and consumer confidence the retail giant recently announced an intention to deliver produce from farms to store shelves more quickly by purchasing it directly from local growers. In addition, they will be conducting independent weekly checks of the produce aisles at its more than 3,400 Supercenters, Neighborhood Markets, and Express stores. Walmart said it also launched a training program for 70,000 associates, including store managers, that teaches them how to better handle fruits and vegetables. These initiatives by Walmart are a continuation of the companies’ 2011 comittment to sell more healthful and affordable foods, and by working closely with farmers they aim to double the company’s sales of locally grown produce by December 2015. And consumers seem to be responding well. During the company’s first quarter, Walmart saw mid-single-digit percentage sales increases in its produce business. Perhaps their boldest move however comes as they offer money-back guarantees on fresh produce. For this, we at The Lempert Report, give Walmart a round of applause! This addresses a huge consumer concern that produce may spoil before they get to eat all of it. Practically speaking, this may be a tough adjustment for the stores, but by establishing the policiy Walmart makes the process comortable for consumers.