Want A Popsicle But Afraid To Lose Your Beach Spot? Combrr To The Rescue!

The Lempert Report
October 19, 2016

Gene Marks of the Washington Post reports that next summer, at least on NY’s Rockaway Beach all you will need is your iPhone to keep your perfect location secure and still get that ice cream that you desire.

Justin Harter and Mathew Blance-Stephanny own an ice-pop company called CitySticks whose mission is to provide a healthier, refreshing alternative to many frozen treats. to foster creativity in others. to educate and make a difference. They are focused on creating flavor combinations that craft a healthier, well-balanced "frozen drink on a stick". Think: "ice pops with personalities". Some like black grape kiwi or café crema made with almond milk push the flavor envelope while others like mango mimosa are actually made with Prosecco while cucumber lemonade is made with your choice of vodka or gin. 

Sounds like a winning formula to change the freezer case into a hipper more exciting offering for any supermarket – but that’s only part of the story. 

Their app, called Combrr (their way of spelling beachcomber) enables hot, sweaty, relaxing beach goers to order their ice-pops (or barbecue food from another vendor) and have delivered right to their beach towel. It’s a build on the old school beach entrepreneur walking with a cooler up and down the beach yelling water, soda, ice cream and looking to see who raises their hand. 

The app uses of GPS to mark your spot, you take a selfie so that the delivery person can identify you and soon your ice pop appears. You can even track the status of your delivery just like finding out where your Uber driver is. 

The app isn’t ready just yet, but should be in time for next summer. In the meantime you can visit their store in Rockaway Beach where the ice pops sell for $3.50 - $5 for those specialty pops with alcohol, or a peanut butter & jelly ice cream donut sandwich for $7, a deep fried banana a la mode for $8 or get a shark attack sundae with what appears to be gummy sharks and candy fish for $12.