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August 04, 2020

Pandemic Accounts for $1.5B Boost to Publix Q2 Sales

Today's topics:

•7-Eleven to Acquire Speedway

•Publix GreenWise Goes Hyperlocal With Lettuce

•Walmart Remember El Paso Tragedy

•Price Chopper Resumes Single-Use Bag Ban

•Pandemic Accounts for $1.5B Boost to Publix Q2 Sales


Jennifer Strailey, Editor in Chief

With more than two decades of experience covering grocery, natural products and specialty foods and beverages, Jenn focuses on fresh food, retail foodservice and specialty categories and is responsible for covering the West Coast beat for WGB’s daily news.

Kat Martin, Content Manager

Kat’s has spent her career covering the food industry with a focus on helping independent grocers run profitable operations. Kat serves as the Midwest beat reporter, as well as covering trade associations and public policy for WGB’sdaily news.

Brett Dworski, Associate Editor, CSP Daily News and CSP Magazine

Brett Dworski is associate editor for CSP Daily News and CSP Magazine. He joined Winsight in 2017 as a shared-content editor, focusing on the integration of Technomic data into Winsight’s media platforms. While Brett is mainly CSP’s foodservice expert, he also covers cannabidiol (CBD) news and has reported on convenience-store snacks, candy and general merchandise in the past. He is also the host of CSP’s podcast, At Your Convenience.