Women's History Month

The Lempert Report
February 28, 2022

Sally: Hi, Phil tomorrow will be the first day of women's history month. And this year the theme is really fitting. It's women providing promoting hope. This is a theme that is both a tribute to the ceaseless ceaseless work of caregivers and frontline workers during the ongoing pandemic. So I have just chosen a few women to talk about in the food world. 

Phil: Oh, cool. 

Sally:  That really stand out to me. And so I'll run through those really quick and we'll put these up on Supermarketguru.com. If you wanna read a little bit more about them, but, first off, we love retail dietitians, and I wanted to, mention Allison Delaney, who was the Retail Dietitian's Business Alliance RD of the year for 2021. She was awarded this because she is very special. She is the nutrition partners lead at stop and shop. And when the pandemic hit, she was just getting ready to launch this in-store dietitian program. And she quickly pivoted and she launched a fully virtual program in April of 2020. 

Sally: Marion Nestle. We have to mention Marion Nestle. She is a real warrior. Yes, she is a real warrior for the consumer. And she has made it her mission to present the full story about what's in our food, where it comes from, what the marketing practices of the food world are and she's written for the San Francisco Chronicle and written six books. And now she writes her own blog, which is food politics.

Sally: Claire Babineaux-Fontenot, big hero. She is the CEO of feeding America, which we need really badly right now. And we've all been paying attention to the news and that all of these retailers and big food companies are partnering with Feeding America right now to really take care of food insecure people out there. 

Phil: So Sally, I have a friend of Claires with me. It's a surprise for you. So, so she's gonna join us in, in just a minute or so, but I've gotta tell you something on Farm Food Facts, you know,USFRA's podcast, we've interviewed her a couple times. Oh my Gosh. She is just one of the best, not only women, but industry leaders that, that we have,, so glad that she made your list. Who else do we got? 

Sally: Yes. Another woman that I'd like to mention that probably a lot of you may not have heard of in the food world yet. Her name is Jilea Hemmings and she, she has, she started Nourish and Bloom in Fayetteville, Georgia, which is right outside of Atlanta, which is the first black owned autonomous grocery store. They've also got robotic delivery there. So they're, they're, they're the only one. And she has been really involved in advocating for diversity and include in the workplace. And she is, is a influential speaker promoting women in technology. She hosts three podcasts. She's been part of several startups, one an innovative meatless entree line for kids. And she's just really, really a standout woman in the food world right now. And then one more that I would love to mention is Rachel Leonard who started Amy's kitchen which she started this company when she was pregnant with her daughter and she couldn't find organic food. So her and her husband started making pop pies and that has grown into this company that is beyond her wildest dreams, from what I've read, that, you know, offers gluten free, organic, vegetarian food, all these nice package, frozen foods to meet people's special dietary needs. 

Phil: And the first time I met Rachel was probably at some trade show somewhere. We've remained friends all this year, what Rachel and done to create this. The company is fabulous. And also what I love about, and maybe it'll change one day, but she always tells me how all these major companies wanna buy them. And she and Andy say, no, no, we want it as we want to be in control. So ally, I wanna introduce you to Claire's friend, Erin Fitzgerald, Erin Fitzgerald is with us she's CEO. Hi, of, of us farmers and ranchers in action and, bottom, line, come on in, you gotta come in closer to me. And, and bottom line is she's also on the program. I'm gonna be introducing her in just a couple hours from now. So Sally wants to know, what are you gonna be talking about, 

Erin: Sally, nice to meet you. I it's pretty simple, but I'm so excited to have 30 chances for our climate impacted by climate sector, a retailer and brands step up and as always wonderful just makes everybody, you know, so excited and empowered about this. 

Phil: So I will see you back in the main ballroom soon