12/04 Good Day Radio with the Supermarketguru - This Week's Guests

December 03, 2010

Phil talks with Charlotte Vallaeys, Farm and Food Policy Analyst for The Cornucopia Institute and Heidi Moline, associate analyst for the Scientific Integrity Program.

Soy foods are thought of as healthy options. However, in 2009, The Cornucopia Institute exposed “the dirty little secret” of the soyfoods industry regarding the use of the toxic solvent hexane. That led several prominent food companies to switch to cleaner soy ingredients in their veggie burgers and nutrition bars. Charlotte Vallaeys, Farm and Food Policy Analyst for The Cornucopia Institute, talks with Phil about a new report to assist consumers in identifying brands that use hexane-extracted soy protein ingredients from those that have committed to cleaner sources.

The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act, which the Senate passed this week, would go a long way to protect American families from tainted food, according to the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS). Phil talks with Heidi Moline, associate analyst for theScientific Integrity Program, about what this bill means for consumers.