Carrefour Pisa: The Hypermarket Near the Tower!

April 18, 2017

Read about the market by the famous leaning tower of Pisa.

By Antonello Vilardi, Italy

Wherever known for the characteristic inclination of his "tower" (4.8° with respect to the vertical axis, on a height of 56 meters), namely that admirable bell tower whose construction began in the twelfth century, appreciated for the quality of his education, taught in prestigious venues such as the University, the Scuola Normale Superiore and the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna

PISA (Italy) today agglomerates around 90,000 inhabitants and has always been a fertile market for the mass distribution operators.

Carrefour, influential multinational and first European company in its industry, there has allocated a hypermarket (the other three, in Tuscany, are in Massa, Calenzano (near Florence) and Lucca).

The store, the size of more than 5,000 square meters, is situated in via Fabbricone Pontecorvo, 3 - San Giuliano Terme, just a few hundred meters, as the crow flies, from the famous "leaning tower". 

The key features to effectively frame this Pisan hypermarket are:

  • the traditional scheme of Carrefour Italian hypermarkets;
  • the refrigerator counters, in the perishable self-service department, similar to cabinets with transparent doors, respectful of the theme connected to the energy saving;
  • the presence of electronic labels;
  • the appropriate space dedicated to the "sushi daily", placed at the center of the "freshest";
  • the use of the Carrefour Financial Services (CARREFOUR PASS), very encouraged, using a 10% discount every Tuesday on all expenditure;
  • the special promotional iniziative “SPENDI & RIPRENDI” ("SPEND & RESUME") focused on a specific department (the "butcher" case);
  • the accurate setting, with special materials, to enhance special exhibitions (gastronomy, meats and cheeses, bakery);
  • the bakery also permitted to free service, with proper dispenser;
  • the opening continued until midnight.

The entrance has extensive promotional lane, dedicated to thematic and seasonal events. The space is divided in two sections, between which creeps along the corridor that reaches up to the "fresh".

In sequence, along the tour route, before reaching the field of fresh products there are: stationery, books, textiles, petfood/petcare, chemistry, food packaged industrially.

Perishable self-service, frozen and mineral water stop in the final part of the tour.

Technological and light Bazar Sector are located to the right of the entrance, bordering (on the same side) the huge initial lane.

Saving energy evoked by the presence of special benches refrigerator is an issue of social importance, which intelligently combines the containment of operating costs.

Like the refrigerator banks, the introduction of electronic labeling with display has certainly led to a considerable initial investment; nevertheless this made it possible to offer: consistency in the information on sales prices exhibited, best overall esthetic effect on sales linear, staff productivity in the frantic moments imposed by the placement of prices when promotions begin and end or when simply costs vary.

Presence and enhancement of a dish like "sushi" adequately sum up the sense of craft labor, the lure of ethnic flavors, the obvious quality of fresh ingredients, the convenience of the "take away" prepared "on demand", the consumer practicality.

The widespread implementation of similar corner inside the Italian hypermarkets branded "Carrefour" answers a very clear strategy.

The loyalty dedicated, demonstrated through the use of the financial system related to Carrefour, is rewarded with 10% of all spending: in this case, was chosen the day on Tuesday, the day it certainly requires higher traffic loads.

The sales stimulation, in the case of extraordinary promotion “SPENDI & RIPRENDI” ("SPEND AND RESUME") originates from an equivalent percentage already spent earlier, on a specific department (driven by contingent necessities and good hopes for profitability): in this case, from 24 to March 26, 2017, was received immediately on hand a 30% DISCOUNT VOUCHER of purchases made in the meat department, in turn redeemable from March 27 to 2 April compared with a minimum spend of € 40, passed with Payback Card (the Carrefour loyalty card).

In short, as "spent" in the butcher shop, has been "taken" if the expense of redemption were met certain conditions: higher minimum expense and certain loyalty.

They are variously spread special exhibitions along the store, carried out with materials able to captivate the attention of visitors: in particular in the "fresh" sector.

Appropriate dispensing equipment, made available in the bread area, favoring speed during the act of purchase by the customer and greater fluidity in manufacturing operations personnel. 

Assisted sales and free service found the right balance on a key trade sectors.

The opening continued, extended until midnight, collects fruitfully many of those benefits that breadth and depth of assortment make generally in hypermarkets, without major time constraints.