Dietician Top 5 and Bottom 5 Foods

August 15, 2012

What foods does Kim Kirchherr, RD love and "hate" in the supermarket? Find out dietician tips here!

As a registered dietitian, I get asked what I eat by many people, and I love good food and smart choices. So here’s 5 foods I love and 5 things I don’t:

“Love List”:
1. Rainier cherries. Bursting with naturally sweet flavor and nutrition, the only negative about eating these is that they taste so good it almost makes you forget about other fruits for the season. Simple prep, too – wash, eat.

2. Reduced fat cheese. Still melt-y delicious, yet better in terms of fat and calories. Easy on the go, simple as a snack paired with veggies or fruit.

3. Fat free Greek yogurt with a little honey. More protein, easy to eat on a busy day, satisfying.

4. Salad – any kind – I vary my greens, the additional veggies, and so on.

5. Roasted vegetables – all kinds. Taste great right out of the oven or cold and tossed into salad. The roasting process enhances the natural sweetness and tames down the “bitter” found in some veggies.

I could do without these:
1. Bacon (not a dietitian thing, just a personal preference- Canadian bacon is ok – I like the taste and it’s better in terms of fat-just watch portion size due to sodium).

2. Full fat dairy products (I like the reduced fat, light, or fat free versions).

3. Undercooked food (Food safety is your friend!)

4. Added “fake” fiber – I prefer fiber from fruits, vegetables, and whole grain sources.

5. Oversized portions of anything.

Kim Kirchherr is a Registered Dietitian for Jewel-Osco. She has created countless nutrition education materials and has participated in numerous interviews for outlets like ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, the Sun Times, Chicago Tribune and Supermarket News. Kirchherr was recently honored as the Recognized Young Dietitian of the Year by the American Dietetic Association.