Food News Today transcripts for the week of August 27th, 2012

August 31, 2012

The healthiest meal ever created. Our supermarketguru consumer panel and their thoughts about BPA. And are foods related to fatigue?

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>Scientists in the UK claim that they have come up with the healthiest meal in the world, a “mega-healthy” meal, and the menu looks pretty tempting… well at least some parts of it.
Employees at the UK-based Leatherhead Food Research, were given a challenge by their boss: come up with a meal that incorporates the 222-health claims for vitamins, minerals, fiber, probiotics and more, approved by the European Commission earlier this year.

The 222-health claim meal was originally intended as an airline meal for long haul flights. So what’s on the menu... and why?

Fresh and Smoked Salmon Terrine, with ALA and DHA for brain and heart function.
-Mixed Leaf Side Salad with Extra Virgin Olive Oil Dressing for cholesterol claims.
-High Fiber Multigrain Bread for 17 claims around fiber, folate and more.
-Chicken Casserole with Lentils & Vegetables – for iron absorption, vitamins and minerals.
-Live Yogurt Dessert for cholesterol, gut health and blood sugar control.
-Cranberry, Raspberry & Elderflower Sports Drink for energy, vitamins and electrolytes.
-And of course, Pure Spring Water to offset dehydration

Let's eat!

>Are you feeling tired and slow? Well it might not just be because summer is coming to an end, and school is about to start… it could be your food! The impact food can have on our energy can vary from minor (like after Thanksgiving) to a major slowing of your energy.

What could be the cause? Well, first off, we’re all different so finding out what’s slowing you down definitely takes some listening to your body, not everything affects everyone the same.
Overeating can definitely slow you down. A big meal floods your blood with sugar, giving you a temporary energy lift that is unfortunately and inevitably followed by low blood sugar giving you that “crashing” low energy, reaching for a coffee feeling.

Dehydration is a big factor in feeling fatigued, especially in these hot hot months. Fatigue is one of the first signs of dehydration – so drink water, about a half cup an hour to stay hydrated and alert.

Although we hear a lot about our snack-obsessed culture, many of us are not eating often enough. This also leads to low blood sugar, and that ravenous cranky, get me some carbs, feeling. Eating small meals and snacks throughout the day maintains your energy level better than eating one or two large meals. For most, eating breakfast, lunch and dinner, with light snacks in between is ideal.

>Recently, the government announced that a ban would be placed on the use of BPA in baby bottles and sippy cups. In addition, some legislation has been introduced that could potentially ban BPA’s use in all products.

We conducted a survey on Supermarket to find out how consumers are reacting to this controversial chemical. The panel was asked how their buying has changed since research has come out about possible toxic properties of BPA. A majority of the panel (45%) said that they buy less canned foods. Twenty-four percent haven’t changed their habits, and 20% say they make sure cans are BPA-free before they buy.

Are shoppers willing to spend more on products sold with packaging that does not contain BPA? Fifty-two percent said it depends on the food, 35% said yes, and the remainder said no.

Clearly, this controversial topic is an important issue in the minds of shoppers, but also to the food industry. The survey shows that 91% of shoppers eat canned foods. Questions have been raised in this debate on whether or not fear of BPA may deter consumers from meeting their nutritional needs when it comes to fruits and vegetables, and not to mention combating the obesity epidemic.

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