Irish Coffee & the Story of St. Patrick's Day by St Paddy Himself!

March 17, 2009

Irish Coffee & the Story of St. Patrick's Day by St Paddy Himself!

Although I was not born Irish, my life and deeds earned me the honor of being the patron saint of Ireland, not a bad position for a lowly fellow as I, don't you think?

How old am I? Well, I was born in 373, or it might have been 390 AD, depending on who's telling the story, in Roman England or Scotland, we didn't keep such good records then, and me given name was Maewyn Succat, which the Romans changed to Patricius which became Patrick and then St. Patrick, but I'm getting ahead of myself here.

One day, while I was a young boy a band of pirates swept into my village, stole me from me parents and sold me into slavery in Ireland where I landed in prison. What a terrible time that was, and for years I was there, beaten and starving so's soon I was hearing spirits, seeing the image of God and all. Escape, escape, these spirits said, and that's what I finally did. Off I sailed on a getaway ship to England, then France where I found the love and peace of a monastery and learned this profession so well that I became a bishop! The dreamin' came again, and the spirits told me to return to Ireland and so I did, with the Pope's own blessing to boot!

My mission was to convert the Gaelic Irish who were Pagans, don't ye know, and again I was successful but this upset the Celtic Druids who had me arrested many a time, but I always escaped, I did, and pursued my missionary zeal. What? Ye think perhaps that all this story is legend? Well, now, did I not drive all the venomous snakes into the sea? And, didn't I die on this very day in 461 AD? Why else, tell me, was I named the patron saint of Ireland ever known as St. Patrick? Why else do you conjure me spirit on March 17th?

I don't know about ye, but I'm starting off St. Patrick's Day with some lovely Irish Soda Bread with some Coffee Jelly, and then I'll be off to New York City where they've been holding a pretty wonderful parade in my honor since 1762. Hear tell more than a million people line the streets for the bands and all with green and gold and shamrocks everywhere.

Afterwards, I might skip over to Chicago where I heard they turn the rivers green with food coloring, that must be quite a sight, I imagine. Lots of Irish people in America now, more than in Ireland, some say. Ah, come sunset, that's the time for some creamy Coffee Irish Pudding and hot and lovely Irish Coffee. If ye want to join me, have a look see at the recipes, and you'll understand what a lucky fellow I've been these nearly many years.

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Irish Coffee
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Irish Soda Bread with some Coffee Jelly